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Some girls are just born to be in front of the camera and simply look great effortlessly. Ribka is one of those girls… a head turner, an incredibly sweet person inside and out, the pretty girl next door. I’ve known her since last year, we met her and her husband Caleb during their pre-wedding portraits session at the Axioo house and then again in Paris. Capturing their chemistry together was addictive. And then on Christmas, Caleb called us and told us that he wanted to arrange for a surprise gift for his wife: a beauty portrait. And here are some of my favorite shots of her. You get what I’m telling you, right? This woman is just gorgeous!

Throughout the whole shoot, my mind was playing their proposal story on a loop. Theirs has got to be the most romantic one I’ve ever heard. Kaleb put in weeks of preparation to publish an elaborately designed book filled with stories from how they first met through their dating moments. In it he expressed how much he loved her and he presented this to her during a surprise dinner. As she turned over each page, tears began to roll as Ribka felt her heart swelled with overwhelming happiness. And on the last page, she found a ring neatly tucked inside a hidden compartment within the book with the words “Will you marry me?” I give Kaleb an A+ for creativity!

This got me thinking that most of the time, girls don’t need to be woo-ed in a land too far away, on a helicopter ride towards the sunset or in a luxurious setting to feel romantic. Most of the time, it’s the thousand ways in which he expresses how much we mean to him and knowing who we are and what makes us happy is what makes us delirious with romance.

So as I clicked on the camera, I remembered their story together and my heart just smiled. I love these two people and how great they are together. They make love look so … lovely!

With love,

Keigo (the handsome Husky, also known as Mr. Richard Gere) appears as courtesy of Ms. Christina Shen
Ribka’s beautiful dresses are all made by Raisa

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