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I can’t tell you how much thrill we get out of conceptual photo shoots here at AXIOO. From the photographers to stylists, to editors and designers, we all get super excited when clients feel the rush to do experiments on concepts for their shoot. We thrive on birthing concepts based on the client’s personalities, their story, or something distinctive that makes them who they are. Originality excites us and we just know that we’d have a ton of fun carrying it out!


Today we’d like to show you one of our favorite artistic shoots of Bob and Wenny. For their pre-wedding shoot, we did a lot of opposites attract shoots as well as some that showed activities that were truly “Bob and Wenny”. But my absolute favorite has got to be the ones with the splashing of the paints. We tried to insert a hidden message in it: when marriage splatters you with various colors of life, keep calm and stay holding on to the one you love. That’s how you’re going to go through. And we loved how it all turned out that we translated that concept into inspiration for their pre-wedding album design!


Here at AXIOO, we are inspired by love stories, ignited by passion and challenged by creativity. It’s how we strive to turn captured memories into pages and pages of art.






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