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Fotografer : Ahdi Dwi Cahya

PIN : 22AE92B1



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Hasil karya dari smoothies photography ini sangat mengagumkan, dari cahaya dan komposisinya sangat menarik. sangat cocok bagi calon pasangan yang ingin married mendapat hasil jepretan seperti ini, apalagi tema yang di ambil smoothies lebih fun namun tidak mengurangi sisi formalnya.

Fotografer : Ahdi Dwi Cahya

PIN : 22AE92B1


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Do you know what makes me happy? Adventure through a country with beautiful spots to shoot at. This trip with Alim and Yovita will stay with me for a long time. Unforgettable, I’m sure.

We first shot at Old Sacramento where everything just oozes cowboy vibes. It is a quiet place with many interesting spots. And the outfit that Alim and Yovita prepared for the shoot was so fitting that the old western feel was just too great to miss.

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If I had to sum Jesen and Felicia up in words it would be: happy-go-lucky, cheerful and never too serious. They bring sunshine with them wherever they go. In fact, they remind me a little of Fen and I years ago, back in the days when we were still dating. I love how they interact with each other, and how loving and playful they are. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching people in love, and in a world where happily-ever-after gets a raised eyebrow instead of the expected heartwarming effect, seeing these two is like a breath of fresh air.

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3From Champagne, we continue east towards Germany then decided to stay overnight in Luxembourg. We knew very little about Luxembourg. It wasn’t even in our original plan. But we thought since it lies at the border of France and Germany, that would be a nice resting place for the night before continuing on the next morning to Trier. We arrived in the evening and got a chance to roam around the charming old city center.

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Towards the last leg of our journey, we drove past southern Germany through Fussen, NeuSchwanstein castle, then head down south towards Austria. Have you watched The Sound of Music? Most of the scenes from that movie was shot in Salzburg, southern Germany & Austria. So here we are enjoying every fresh breath up in the mountain. Breathe in, breathe out…it doesn’t get any better than this.

The view is magnificent! We marveled as we reached the top, soaking in the moment. I said to myself, “We’ll never forget this moment”. Pinched ourselves a few times before jumping around and laying on the wildflowers for this shot. Life is great!

Day by day, we come up with new travel itinerary and finally ended up in Lech, Austria. I wanted to stay here for at least a week longer, turn of my phone and enjoy the summer activities. We were so lucky to have found a Rote Wand Hotel through Tablethotels. This is by far the warmest & most memorable hotel stay ever, by that I mean they’re awesome…considering we stay in hotels for almost 30% of the year. Thumbs up for the hospitality. If any of you get a chance to visit the area, try staying here, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Oh yes, don’t forget to visit the local cheese factory.

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